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CableTruthâ„¢ makes audio/videophile engineering available to the rest of us. Leveraging the three decades of market-leading development from its parent company, CableTruth's easy-to-buy cable/accessory kits offer single-purchase solutions that help consumers optimize the experience they will enjoy from their substantial High Definition video and audio investments.

CableTruthâ„¢ believes that we all purchase A/V products for entertainment, and the fun should never be diluted by relying on the cheap cable included (or not included) or having to make the individual cable and accessory decisions that are required to maximize performance. To meet all customer needs, CableTruthâ„¢ makes its kit components available individually for ultimate flexibility.

These principals have made CableTruthâ„¢ a sought-after brand in the world of high-value, high-performance retailers.